Client References

“As an avid golfer and artist, I’ve always appreciated the work of golf course architects.  As a golf course owner, I’ve been able to see a project go from planning, to routing, to growing in, then to final product. Recently, we engaged Tripp Davis and Kyle Downs to completely redesign our bunkers at FarmLinks, located in central Alabama.  I enjoyed their thought process and artistry in making sure the new bunkers were visibly appealing, very playable, and easier to maintain.  Each and every bunker was its own masterpiece.  They both made many trips to the farm to oversee construction, sometimes making improvements mid-stride.  Overall, I was extremely pleased with Tripp and Kyle’s hands-on approach.  It has really upgraded the golf experience at FarmLinks, and I could not recommend them more!” 

-David Pursell, CEO and Co-Founder of FarmLinks at Pursell Farms

"We have been very happy with the work done by Tripp and his associates.  The quality of design has been exceptional.  The work has been on time and on budget.  Tripp has been very responsive to our timelines, questions and our input during the process.  Even more than the product that he has produced, our committee continues to be most impressed with the professionalism and commitment Tripp brings to the process.  His passion for golf course architecture and for the history and design of our golf course, continues to drive the execution of our Long Range Plan.  We are proud that Whippoorwill was listed for the first time in Golfweek Magazine's Top 100 Classic Courses in 2003 (and again in 2004)."

-Gerard A. Klingman, Whippoorwill Golf Club

"I have worked with Tripp Davis and his crew for several years.  I've been able to work with Tripp and his team, not only on the remodel at Oak Tree National, but continue to work with him on our short and long term master plan.  His attention to detail and timely delivery is second to none.  He is a historian of the game and happens to be a very accomplished player; these are great qualities in a designer."

-Danny Cline, Oak Tree National

"I had the pleasure of working with Tripp and his team through the master planning and complete renovation of Preston Trail Golf Club in Dallas, Texas. I first met Tripp in 2006 when he was interviewed by our Long Range Planning Committee. He was a unanimous selection from the Committee and looking back, we could not be more pleased. As part of the master planning process, Tripp and I, along with our golf course superintendent and golf professional, spent considerable time together. We traveled to great golf courses in Texas, Georgia, and Arkansas evaluating turf varieties and playing conditions. We worked closely through the golf course construction process, meeting regularly so that I could keep our membership informed as the project progressed. We have continued our relationship with Tripp in an advisory capacity since the renovation project completed in 2009, having recently agreed on a new long term contract. Tripp is a very talented designer and he is a great team member. The latter is an exceptional quality that I, as an administrator, value as much as any. He works well with committees and members who have questions or wish to offer their thoughtful opinion and does so with diplomacy and respect."

-Curt Kelley, Preston Trail Golf Club 

"Tripp is a very talented professional.  He has a great eye and a fine touch.  I suspect that his proficiency at the game - he is an outstanding player - enhances the vision he brings to his projects.  Of tremendous comfort to me during our project was the fact that Tripp was "hands on."  I would hire Tripp Davis again in a heartbeat and I would recommend him with enthusiasm to others."

-Robert F. Cummings Jr., Deepdale Golf Club

"Tripp's knowledge of golf course design along with his ability to play the game convinced my Board of Directors he was right for our club.  I am very pleased to be working with Tripp, he is dedicated to doing the right job, he thoroughly enjoys his work and he is very conscientious of my needs for maintenance during all aspects of the design phase and throughout construction.  He is readily available to communicate with and even when he doesn't have work going on at our course, but is traveling to the New York area on other business, he finds a way to look in on us."

-Don Szymkowicz, Engineers Country Club

"In the summer of 2010, Wichita Country Club began a search for a consulting golf course architect that would provide our club with long range planning in the form of a Master Plan. The following fall, we hired Tripp Davis and Associates to provide us with such a plan and have been more than pleased with their efforts and attention to detail. They have worked relentlessly with members of our Greens Committee and staff to create proposed design that holds true to the original design intent of Mr. William H. Diddel, our original golf course architect, while making sure they address current issues of playability, maintenance, functionality, and aesthetics. Through their design efforts, we are confident that our club will move forward in a positive direction and thrive. Tripp Davis and Associates has been more than willing to meet with membership at various times over the last couple of years to present and discuss their ideas for the golf course, ensuring that the overall design will provide an enjoyable golf experience for golfers of all levels. It has been a pleasure to work with Tripp Davis and Associates and we look forward to continuing to work with them in the future to implement the Master Plan." 

-Cary Cozby, Wichita Country Club

"Tripp and his team designed and executed the build out for the Old American Golf Club located in The Colony, Texas.  Since our opening in fall of 2010, we have been fortunate to receive high accolades from around the country.  Ranked #5 in the state for Best Places You Can Play by Golfweek as well as 5th in the state by GOLF Magazine for Best Public Courses in 2012.  Tripp designed a true golfer's course, keeping with the authenticity of the land, he crafted a course design that is representative of classic American Golf.  From naturally formed bunkers and native grasses, to strategically designed holes that leverage varying wind conditions.  He created a course with exquisite balance and required shot making.  Tripp and his team are still very much involved in the continuing growth of Old American Golf Club two years after their work was done.  He has a true passion and drive for putting out the best possible product."

-Mike McCabe, Old American Golf Club 

"Tripp has an incredible vision when it comes to golf course design. He was able to take a piece of ranching property of 437 acres and design a great golf course. The land itself was just mediocre and had a lot of wetland issues associated with it. Tripp's vision was that of a heathland style course. He was able to take a grade C piece of property and turned it into an "A" golf course. We would highly recommend Tripp and his staff for any new golf course design projects. Tripp's professionalism and knowledge stood far above any of our expectations."

-Larry Martin, Grand Elk Ranch & Club

"Tripp Davis has been committed to a comprehensive understanding of our perspective before applying his enormous design talents. In addition, we have gained an enlightening new awareness from Tripp. We have great confidence in his design ability and equal appreciation for his perspicacity as a player. His intuition from this vantage point is nearly unparalleled as both a trained architect and proficient player."

-Russ Garner, Windyke Golf Club

"Our golf course project is what it has become through Tripp's abilities and vision.  His skills of design, management, and construction are rarely found within one person.  Some design and then watch it get built; Tripp designs and then builds it better.  His ability to communicate his vision to those with a lack of, is second to none.  Lastly, the people he surrounds himself with, are of the highest quality."

-Matthew D. Randall, Coldwater Golf Links

"From design development to the final planting, Tripp kept us involved, listened to our comments, gave thorough explanations where needed and worked closely with our golf course construction group.  The finished product exemplifies his passion to the classic nuances of course design."

-Jeff Jarrett, Cherokee Hills Golf Club

"We are exceptionally fortunate to have such a talented, hardworking, and sincerely caring group to work with in Tripp Davis and Associates.  We have been working with them since I arrived in January 2007.  We first worked together resurfacing all 18 greens and the practice putting green.  Since then, we have continued to do at least one project each year with the last one being designing and overseeing a complete tee renovation this past summer.  Tripp and his team have completed a long term master plan for not just our golf course, but for the entire facility and how everything we do will make a difference to our customer and how they experience our property.  The ability to truly 'work with' the Tripp Davis and Associates team is the difference maker with me."

-Rodney Young, Jimmie Austin - University of Oklahoma Golf Club

"Tripp designed Clary Fields with a very nominal budget and in my opinion created the most enjoyable and playable golf facility in the Tulsa region.  The design and playability of the course is second to none.  Tripp and his staff also made it very easy for the owners and management to transition from construction to operation of the facility.  With Tripp's knowledge and design skills, I would give the highest recommendation to anyone planning to build a golf course.  They are not only very professional and a pleasure to work with, they go the extra mile to make you feel that they are truly part of your project."

-Lance Allen, Clary Fields Golf Club


Contact information for present and past clients available upon qualified request.