Kyle Downs 
Senior Design Golf Architect

"There are very few golf architects in the world today that understand the golf course construction process as well as Kyle Downs.  For a golf architect, it is critical to know how what you design is going to be built and Kyle gives us, along with the rest of our staff, an unparalleled understanding among golf architecture firms in the world today." - Tripp Davis



In joining Tripp Davis and Associates, Kyle brought 8 years of construction experience in which he was directly responsible for all aspects of construction for one of the premier golf course builders in the world, Niebur Golf Construction. Kyle began working for Niebur Golf Construction after obtaining his degree in Landscape Architecture from Texas A & M University. 

Kyle was the Construction Superintendent for the Old American Golf Club and so impressed Tripp Davis with his knowledge of construction, ability to work with people and get their best effort, and ability to enhance the visual quality of the golf course, that Tripp hired him and he has been with us since 2009. 

In his time with TDA, he has developed his AutoCAD skills to go along with his knowledge of construction methods, budgeting, and scheduling, allowing him to use this knowledge to critically analyze our plans and provide greater quality, accuracy, and efficiency.  Kyle works with the project team to provide highly detailed construction budgets, helping to develop alternative and more cost-effective construction means and methods, while playing a key role in preparing construction bid documents including helping to write detailed specifications for projects.  Kyle also serves to assist Tripp Davis with management of the construction effort, construction observation, monitoring cost tracking and scheduling to ensure our projects finish on time and on budget, and to assist in the process of completing finish work during construction.  While his principal role on construction sites is management and observation, he is not shy about getting his boots dirty and making sure every detail on the course enhances our design intent.

In his previous work as a project superintendent for Niebur Golf Construction, Kyle worked closely with the Golf Course Architects and Owners to ensure that the golf course was built to the highest level and quality afforded to the team.  This experience presented Kyle with a variety of obstacles that inevitably arise during golf construction and challenged him to be creative in working through solutions.



Norman, Oklahoma



Bachelor of Science,
Major in Landscape Architecture 
Texas A & M University, 2002



Tripp Davis and Associates 
     Design Associate,

Niebur Golf
     Project Superintendent,