Why Hire Tripp Davis and Associates?

It is not one thing, but the combination of the passion, respect, knowledge, experience, desire and focus we bring to each project.

Jason Gold, Tripp Davis and Kyle Downs


An unparalleled passion for the game and a respect for its traditions and history - For a golf course to take, or preserve, its standing as a special place in the game of golf, design and construction has to be more than just the movement of earth, installing an infrastructure, and laying turf. Those responsible for developing the design and overseeing construction must have a deep passion for the game – knowing its feel and spirit, and a respect for the traditions and history of golf – leading to original design that presents the game as it was meant to be played, or restoration of classic old courses to play per the original design intent.


Old American Golf Club (17th green) - The Colony, Texas


A unique knowledge of the strategic side of golf design and experience crafting those subtle things that matter - The game of golf, at its best, is an enjoyable and challenging exercise of strategic thought and physical skill, with both being equally necessary.  When design favors physical skills over strategic thought, the golf course will not be in balance, favoring those with certain physical skills, rather than giving the strategic player a chance to compete.  This approach will also tend to lead to design that is not as enjoyable to play.  Our approach is to take great care to provide design that has the flexibility to setup a course in varied ways day after day so the strategic approach can be varied and the course favors the ability to think and score over any one physical skill.  At the end of the day, our job is to make the course a balanced and enjoyable challenge.  This is most often the product of understanding the impact of subtle design elements on meaningful strategic options and how these subtleties can narrow or widen margins for error.  Very few has as sound a knowledge of the strategic side of golf design as does Tripp Davis, formed over years of playing the game at a high level and practicing the art of strategic design for over 25 years. 

Turtle Dunes Country Club (1st and 18th holes) - Acapulco, Mexico


An in-depth knowledge of the land sciences and the ability to work with a wide variety of consultants - The art of golf architecture must be integrated with the often complex science of planning, design, environmental stewardship, construction and maintenance. Only then will golf courses function sustainably within the environments they are built. Each of the members of Tripp Davis and Associates are educated in the land sciences, with varying degrees of experience in landscape architecture, planning, civil engineering, environmental design and engineering, golf course construction, and golf course maintenance. This is backed up in-house with the latest in computer design technology, allowing us to both communicate efficiently with other project consultants and produce highly accurate project documents.  Our projects function well, they fit on the land, they work with adjacent development plans as may be applicable, and we build them within budget.  

Tapatio Springs Hill Country Resort (9th hole) - Boerne, Texas


A strong desire to commit the focus to craft, rather than produce - The creation of anything tangible is a process. In one instance, the creative process can solely be a means to an end, or what we would define as a production process. However, the creative process can be an unwavering focus on the crafting of each important detail that comes together in a work of art. It is the crafting of golf courses that is the only true way to create or restore great golf courses, and while this approach requires an immense amount of time, limiting the number of design opportunities we can take, it is the only way we can be fulfilled in the work we do and responsibly serve our clients.

The Tribute Golf Links - The Colony, Texas


In the end, our golf course design will stand the test of time and provide our clients with an enduring contribution to their specific objectives and to the great game of golf.

Jimmie Austin Golf Club at the University of Oklahoma (3rd hole) - Norman, Oklahoma